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Mainmast is an established maritime logistics company, formed in November 2001 operating motor tank barges dedicated to the Edible Oil Industry on the rivers Hull & Humber.

In December 2009 Mainmast commenced barging on the River Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal from Port Trafford, Manchester docks operating our mini bulkers with a fleet capacity of 1800 tonnes dedicated to the transport of milling wheat.

In 2012 Mainmast commissioned the build of  a tank barge to be dedicated to the carriage of vegetable oil products in the Port Of Liverpool. The tank barge 'CROSBY'  came into operation in 2013 in conjunction with Mainmast's tug 'Vigour'.

Mainmast currently own a fleet of 12 vessels in the UK that includes tank barges, dry cargo barges, hopper barges, tugs and workboats.

In addition to marine logistics the Mainmast Group of companies also includes Huskisson Welding and Engineering Ltd who are based at East Quay, Huskisson Dock, Liverpool. As well as servicing our own vessels in Hull and Liverpool 'Huskisson Welding' also offer a wide range of engineering services including ship repair/maintenance and bespoke fabrication/construction.


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Edible Oils

Mainmast operate three tank barges on the rivers Hull and Humber and one in Liverpool serving the edible oil industry.


Lubricating Oils

Mainmast operate a dedicated tank barge carrying lubricating oil products between Hull Docks and Exol Blending Plant at Rotherham

 Exol Pride



Mainmast provides 24/7 services in stevedoring for the discharge and loading of coastal vessels up to 3500 tonnes.